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have been creating products now for over 3 years. To date...I have created over 50 that have brought me thousands of dollars in income.    

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   I say this not to brag but to show you how ridiculously easy it is to create your own products.

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What's Inside

   CHAPTER 1 & 2.

  • 5 Benefits Of Product Creation

  • Complete Breakdown Of What's Inside


  • What it means to sell information

  • The 3 main ways of passing along information.


  • Covers the 3 main product formats and how to determine which one to use. It is critical that you get this right.


  • How to select a niche. This chapter goes into great detail in this area. Without proper niche selecton...you're wasting your time creating anything.


  • Covers the tools you'll need to do proper niche research.

  • Show how to find products in your niche in order to determine if there is a demand for YOUR product.


   Chapter 7 actually gets into the product creation process including:

  • How to research your topic

  • How to create an outline

  • How to write your content

  • How to proofread


  • 10 Killer writing tips from the master writer himself


  • How to create products quickly using PLR material. Can be done in a day!

   CHAPTER 10.

   CHAPTER 10 goes over advanced product creation techniques and ways to make your product more attractive. This is the stuff that can turn a $27 product into a $97 product.

   CHAPTER 11.

  • 6 Tips on how to create your product quickly!

   CHAPTER 12.

   CHAPTER 12 goes over outsourcing...what should be outsourced, why, and how to go about it.

   CHAPTER 13.

  • Product Rights.

  • Basic Rights.

  • MRR Rights.

  • PLR Rights.

   CHAPTER 14.

   CHAPTER 14 covers how to price your product (not getting this right will leave you with a product you can't sell) and how to come up with just the right bonuses. These 2 items are critical for optimum product sales.

   CHAPTER 15.

  • Testimonials.

   And then there is a HUGE resource section at the end..

Nothing Is Left Out

   Everything I know about product creation is in this book...knowledge that has been responsible for selling thousands of copies of each of my major products.

   And now all this information is YOURS in...


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" Wow! The Complete Guide to Product Creation really removes the veil from the product creation process and makes it a science that's easy to follow and profit from.

All of the most important elements of creating a product from how to get ideas all the way up to post creation marketing of the products are covered with factual statistical data, reason-why explanations and step by step instructions for ensuring that anyone with access to a computer and at least 2 fingers to type, can and will make twice as much money than ever before and in half the time!

So much is covered from experience to strategy, from how to, to where and even actual examples with step by step plans... Two enthusiastic thumbs way up!

Doug Barger


" This guide is pure gold! It definitely contains everything you would ever need to know about creating your own product. Everything from researching and selecting a niche all the way up to actually creating the product, and much more. Not to mention all the extra tips and resources that are included.

I have almost all of your products and I am well aware that you massively over deliver. But even I was shocked at the quality of this guide. Every time I think you have done your best work, you come out with something new and it gets even better.

One of my favorite things about this guide is that it's very detailed. Nothing is left out. I don't think you could have given any more information even if you wanted to.

I've already created a few products myself and reading this was still quite a learning experience for me. I can already see that my next product will be much easier to create and will earn me a lot more money! In fact, I think I will go get started on one right now.


Trent Brownrigg


" I've got some real bad news for anyone reading this report.

If you can't create your own product using all the fantastic resources revealed in "The Complete Guide To product Creation" you probably will never be able to create any type of product online.

I must say you left no stone unturned.

Everything you need is here for you in an easy step-by-step format that anyone can follow.

As a product developer I've actually learned several vital aspects that will help me create more quality products quickly.

I took special note of pages 35-40 for my own product creation efforts.

Great job!

Dean Shainin


Some Straight Talk

   If you know me...you know I hate hype and don't hype up my products. So if this doesn't look like the most glamorous sales page in the world to you...oh well.

   But if you're going to let the lack of red flashing neon lights send you somewhere else in search of a comprehensive product creation guide...Good Luck Finding It!

   Bottom Line: This guide will give you everything you'll need to create a product that will sell. Everything else is just BS.

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